Molecular Biology

Gene Expression
Cell Wrapping & DNA Replication(video)Genomics
Inner Life of Cell  
 Mysteries Human Genome 
 DNA Replication 
RNA to Protein Synthesis
Protein Synthesis
Comparative Genomics 
Animation on Influenza Infection (FLU)
DNA Fingerprinting 
Eukaryotic Translation 
DNA Helicase 
Monoclonal Antibody 
Micro RNA 
Rnai Discovery 
Lac Operon
Protein Structure
GCSF Protein
Protein Physics 
Action Potential and Muscle Contraction
Gleevec Effect on Tryosine Kinase 
Gene mutation 
Tri Nucleotide Repeat 
DNA Replication Lecture 
Plasmid Cloning 
SDS-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis 
RNA to Protein Lecture
Steroid Hormone
Genetic Transfer 
Gprotein receptor 
Real time Pcr cycle 
Human Genome Project
Microarray Method for Genetic Testing 
TATA/Binding Protein DNA Complex 
Eukaryotic transcription
Proton pump inhibitors Therapy 
Olfactory Pathway 
PCR Animation
DNA Double Helix Lecture 
Genetic code Lecture 
DNA to RNA Lecture 
DNA Profiling 
Electrophoresis Animation 
Cycle Sequencing
Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) 
Kinesin Transport Protein 
Glucocorticoid Hormone 
What is Southern blot 
Column Chromatography
CytoToxic T-cells 
Genes and Chromosomes lecture 
From DNA to RNA Lecture 
Peptidoglycan Animation 
Control Gene Expression 
Leucine Zipper 
GABA Receptors 
Control of Gene Expression Lecture II 
What is Hemolysis 
Approach to NMR-Based Protein Structure 
DNA Damage and Protection Video 
PAX Genes 
Using p53 to Fight Cancer 
Zinc Fingers 
Real Time PCR HPV Assay 
Micro array washing steps 
How Genes Work in the Brain Lecture 
What is Cyclopamine 
Human Genome Project 
Engineering a New Attack on Disease 
RNAi Revolution 
Molecular Biology 
Enzyme Inhibitors 
Bilirubin Metabolism 
Histone Deacetylation 
Molecular Medicine Lecture 
Protein Localization Lecture 
Molecular Biology Lecture 
Human TFIIA/TBP/DNA Complex 
Atoms to X-rays: How Do Proteins Fold? 
Cellular Metabolism- Pathways 
DNA Structure Animation 
Protein Synthesis-Translation
Molecular Biology 1
 RNA Interference 
HIV Resistance  
Nano medicine
ATP Synthase
DNA Microarray
Central Dogma
Protein Structure Prediction Lecture
Peroxisome Proliferate-Activated Receptors
DNA Mismatch Repair
Computational Molecular Biology
AIDs Affecting Lympocite
Proteomics Lecture
mRNA Splicing
Signal transduction
Amino Acids
Protein Folding Animation
HIV Replication
Computaional Approach on Protein structure Prediction
UV induced Mutation
DNA Sequencers
DNA Sequencing
DNA Repair
SNP animation
Central Dogma Lecture
Beta cells (Insulin Production)
DNA chips and Microarrays
Interleukin Animation
Which Molecule Holds code
Mitochondrial DNA
Human suprachiasmatic nucleus
Programed cell death
When Mistakes Happen
Genetic Engineering
Regenerative Medicine What It Is?
Western Blot
DNA Extraction
Gene Switch Animation
Tryptophan Operon
DNA Polymerase
HIV Virus Cell Entry
Gene Probe
Alu Sequence
Mismatch Repair
Sanger's Method of DNA Sequencing
How Proteins Fold Lecture
Treatment for HIV
Proteins-How Things Get Done in the Cell lecture
Northern Blot
Semi Conservative Replication
Gene Control in Plants
Penicillin Binding Protein Animation
SMRT DNA Sequencing
Haplotypes Types
TrK Receptor Animation
Lysine Animation
Small interfering RNA(siRNA) Animation
Lipoprotein Video
Protease Activated Receptor
The Estrogen Receptor Hormonal Mechanisms
PcrA Helicase
Adenylate Kinase
Microarray Hybridization
Micro array centrifugation
Signal Recognition Particle (SRP)
DNA Acridine
The Many Facets of NF-Kappa B
Cancer Research in the Genomic Era
What is Topoisomerase
Role of Enzymes
Serotonin Autoreceptors
Chromosome to DNA
Proteolytic Enzymes
Genomics Lecture
Gene Regulation Lecture
Enzyme Kinetics
Cholesterol animation
Histone Deacetylases
DNA Replication Animation
Structural Evolution of the Protein Kinase–Like Superfamily
Actin Polymerization
Hormone Action