Stem cell therapy for ALS

Besides to the use of bone marrow stem cells for treating hemotological malignancies, which is an established chemical practice today. Bone marrow cells is also under intense investigation for regenerating various organs such as heart, liver and lung .This particular study that will taking about today is " possibly of using bone marrow cells in treating a disease ALS is investigated ALS is a lethal condition associate with the degenration of Motor Neurons in the spinal cord,Cerbral cortex and brainstem.

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Actual cause of ALS is unknown. Although some ALS patients have a genetic mutation. Presently there is no cure for ALS The question of the study is.” whether bone marrow cells from healthy mice can inhibit the progression of disease in mouse model of ALS?"And subsequent question is do the stem cells cross the Blood-brain barrier? also total of such status canceled/what will attract with all possible way they for Mouse model which displays a predisposition and ALS like disease. The Mutated enzyme of human SOD1 ALS like carrying the GLY93 to alanine mutation is expressed in mouse, so that it mouse express pathology of Human ALS.Bonemarrow cells from the healthy mice are transferred to the mice with are predisposed to the progress of ALS can be inhibited.

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