Immune system Protection Against Cancer

Tumor cells have developed mechanism to avoid dectection by immune system,when Left undetected Tumor cells will continue to grow and progress.However the posibilty exisit to exploit inherit characteristic of tumor cells in fight against them

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This may used to target tumor cells. The potential lies on harnessing the power of the bodies own immune response, when activated Antigen Presenting cells also known as APC are in turn responsible for T-cell activation. Scientist are currently studying the different ways to activating APC’s .so on exposure to particular antigen, APC will take-up and process that antigen in preparation for T-cell activation. The antigen peptides are presented on APC surface. The APC starts to mature and travels to lymph system, here it completes its maturation and encounters T-cells. It selects the T-cells that posses antigen receptors matching the antigen peptides on APC surface. The APC then presents the antigen to T-cells. Antigen presentation along with other signals results in T-cell activation .When Activated the T-cells multiplies and can now seek out and recognize that particular antigen as result activated T-cells attack target cells. Activated T-cells may be immune systems most potent defense against cancer.

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