Drugs : One Size Does Not Fit All -Lecture

There are a number of causes for variation in drug response across the population, but differences in genetics are an important factor. Russ Altman, Professor & Chair of Bioengineering and Professor of Genetics and Medicine, discusses how variations in genetics can alter the "typical" response as well as touch upon the ethical issues with the use of this knowledge.Russ Altman for the Stanford University

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Russ Altman started his education in Harvard university his work was primary in biochemistry and molecular biology,he came to Stanford and received his phd in Medical Information Science and MD in Stanford medical school

He was the president of International Society for Computational Biology (2000-2001) ,In Stanford he is professor of Genetics ,Bioengineering ,Medicine and computer science and He is the chairman of Bioengineering department.

In this lecture Dr.Russ Altman speaks about variation drug response,Human genome ,Pharmacology

This lecture will very useful for those who are interested in Drug designing,Bioinformatics students.

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