Alan J. Grodzinsky Research

Alan J. Grodzinsky is an American scientist and Professor of Electrical, Mechanical and Biological Engineering and Director of the Center for Biomedical Engineering at MIT.

Grodzinsky graduated in Electrical Engineering from MIT in 1971, obtaining a doctorate three years later under the supervision of James Melcher, with a thesis on membrane electromechanics.

Grodzinsky was a founding Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering in 1993. He received a NIH Merit Award in 1994.

Research Focus

Influence of mechanical, chemical and electrical stresses on connective tissue metabolism, growth, remodeling, repair and pathology; Cartilage tissue engineering; effects of mechanical forces on cellular regulation of gene expression, synthesis and degradation of extracellular matrix macromolecules; Molecular, cellular, and tissue biomechanics; Diagnostics and therapeutics for arthritis; Electromechanical and physicochemical properties of connective tissues and polyelectrolyte-based biomaterials. Electrically controlled hydrogel membrane permeability for drug delivery and separation processes. Fundamental study and modeling of electrical, mechanical and chemical energy conversion in natural and synthetic membranes, and in biological tissues.

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