Pharmacology: Oral Meds Absorption

Absorption refers th the transport of the drug across the membrane mucosa cells in the Gastrointestinal track,Drug enters to the Gastrointestinal track by mouth and enters into stomach through esophagus.
Drug dissolves in the stomach,Acidic drugs are absorbed in the stomach and remains un-ionized and charged for easy absorption.the Alkaline Drugs which cannot be absorbed in teh acidic stomach passes through the pyloric sphincter into the 1st part of small intestine and absorbed there,once absorbed in the blood the drug travels to the liver, some drugs are immediately metabolized in the liver.Other drugs may be secreted back in the small intestine in the bile which is called has Enterohepatic circulation,other part of oral dosage may be absorbed in large intestine or faecally excreted.

All other drug dosage may not absorbed due to drug binding to intestinal content which may prevent the passage in the mucosa membrane.or they may be broken down by bacteria in the ileum  and colon.

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