Function of Cochlea Animation

The Auditory portion of inner ear is called Cochlea,organ of corti is the core component of cochlea which is the sensory organ of hearing, The structure of Cochlea consist of Scala vestibuli (containing perilymp),Scala tympani(containing perilymph),Scala media(containing endolymph),Helicotrema,Reissner's membrane,Basilar membrane ,organ of corti and hair cells,
  • Scala vestibulin lies superior to the cochlear duct
  • Scala tympani lies inferior to the scala media and terminates at the round window
  • Scala media is a membranous duct containing the organ of corti
  • Helicotrema is the location where scala tympani and scala vestiduli merge
  • Reissner's membrane separates the scala vestibuli from scala media
  • Basilar membrane separates the scala media from the scala tympani and determines the mechanical wave propagation properties of the cochlear partion
  • Organ of coti is the cellular layer on the basilar membrane,powered by te potential differnce the perilymph and the endolymph
  • Hair cells are the sensory cells in the organ of corti



When the cochlea uncoils it will be continuous tube divided into 3 separate compartments the Scala media ,Scala tympani ,Scala vestibulin,sound waves are transmitted in scala vestibulin and reach the organ of corti on the Basilar membrane, where stimulate hair like receptor whose tips are fixed in Tectorial membrane

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