Gas Exchange In Lungs Animation

Gas exchange or ventilation is one of most important process in respiration, It takes place in respiratory surface, Gas exchange is carried out by mechanism of heart and lungs,Respiration can be classified into five types namely, Breathing, External respiration, Gas Transport, Internal respiration and cellular respiration.
During external respiration oxygen and carbon dioxide are transferred between the air in lungs and the blood, alveoli that are the site of gas exchange have the walls that are 2 Cells thick, which facilitate the transport of gases by diffusion

Oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen is carried by blood between tissues and the lungs, 70 % of CO2 is dissolved in Plasma (it is dissolved by bicarbonate;60%).Remaining 30% is transported in red blood cells combined with globin portion of Hemoglobin as carbaminohaemoglobin.
In diffusion 93% Co2 goes into red blood cells and remaining 7% is dissolved in Plasma.

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