Light Dependant Reaction of Photosynthesis Animation

Light Dependent Reaction is the initial stage of Photosynthesis Where solor energy is converted into potential energy ,the light Dependent Reaction produces oxygen gas and converts ADP and NADP+ into ATP and NADPH
Process Light Dependent Reaction
Photosytem consist of rays of chlorophyll molecules, chlorophyll the green pigments of leafs absorbs light energy, and the absorbed energy excites the electrons to higher energy level. Energized electrons from photosystem 1 are passed on to electron transport chain and added to NADP+ to form NADPH, Energized electrons of photsystem 2 are passed to another electron transport chain, their energy used to pump hydrogen ions from stoma into Thylakoid compartment creating concentration gradient.
Electron leaving this electron transport chain enter photsystem 1 replenishing its lost electrons. Photosystem 2 replenished its electron by splitting water, hydrogen ions and oxygen are released in Thylakoid compartment this is were the oxygen gas generated by photosynthesis comes from, The buildup of hydrogen ions inside the thylakoid compartment stores potential energy, this energy is harvested by a enzyme called ATP synthase, as hydrogen ions diffuse through ATP synthase down the concentration gradient .the enzyme uses the energy of moving ions to make ATP, next ATP and NADPH are used in sugar making process of the Calvin cycle
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