Lipid Rafts

Lipod rafts are specialised regions of the cell membrane,that are rich lipids and cholestrol and more rigid than rest of membrane ,tehese regions are first discovered because the remain intact when certains detergents are used to solubilise the cell membrane.Sometypes of cellular proteins are associated with the lipid rafts,protein with GPI anchors and proteins like src-family kinases,which are modified by the addition of fatty acids that allow them to bind the cell membrane are both found to associated with lipid rafts.

The rafts are dynamic structures and they can move in the membrane joining to form large rafts are breakingdown into smaller ones .other membrane proteins may not associate with lipid rafts.
Lipid rafts are specialized regions of the cell membrane that are enriched for particular lipids and cholesterol, and consequently more rigid than the rest of the membrane.

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