Uptake of Bacteria by Phagocytes

Uptake of bacteria by phagocytes is an active process, which requires triggering of specific receptors on phagocytes.Fc receptor, which binds antibody-coated bacteria, is one of the receptors capable of triggering phagocytosis.
In the case of LPS it is recognize by TLR4 receptor, which is expressed in the surface of dendritic cells.
LPS is transported by a soluble LPS binding protein (LBP) to the surface of dendritic cells, And it’s deposited in cell surface protein (CD14).The presence of LPS is detected by TLR4 though its interaction and recognition of the LPS bound CD14.The signal delivered by TLR initiates maturation of dendritic cell.
Dendritic cell can now migrate to regional lymph nodes and activate required immune response.

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