Accelerator Mass Spectrometry

About Speaker:
Ken Tutereltaub

Ken's research is concerned with understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in development of cancer. His main interest is the toxicology of carcinogens at very low dose. His group uses techniques such as mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography, electrophoresis, uv/vis and fluorescence spectroscopy, radiotracer methods and accelerator mass spectrometry. These methods are being applied to determine the bioavailability or carcinogens; which carcinogens bind to DNA and protein; what types of metabolism are involved; how the exposure dose affects these endpoints and how different species process the carcinogens.

Ken's goal is to understand how to use laboratory data developed in model systems to more accurately estimate human disease risk. He is also very interested in understanding how specific molecular modifications caused by exposure to carcinogens can lead to cancer.

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