Endosymbiosis: Evidence for Evolution

So its pretty clear that mitochondria and chloroplasts were at one time independent creatures. It is equally clear that they are no longer independent.

Firstly this disproves creationism outright, which says that man was created in his present form.

Secondly we have a new question- what happened that changed mitochondria from being independent to being dependent? Can proteins do NEW things? Or is this impossible?

Well as I show in the video with a diagram, there is a complex mixture of proteins interacting with each other. Some of these proteins have prokaryotic origin, and some have eukaryotic origin. As I showed with crytomonads, these gene interactions are even more complex with FOUR genomes interacting.

We know that these complexes formed by slight modifications and novel interactions, because we know what the proteins did before mitochondria were incorporated, and we know what they did after, simply by observing the proteins and how they interact in independent bacteria and comparing them to how they are in mitochondria.

So we know that proteins can change function and can form novel interactions and behaviors.

Now the real question is: HOW did this happen? On one hand we have intelligent design. On the other hand we have evolution. Interestingly we dont even need to WITNESS that an increase of information can happen. After all, my video 4 shows a mathematical equation that shows that evolution is 99.99. % likely and intelligent design has .000.1% chance. This mathematical equation is based on the multitude of correct predictions that evolution made that intelligent design never made.

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