Mulitplex Microarray Hybridization

ArrayIt® has developed an innovative solution to multi-well microarrays that includes glass substrate slides containing a hydrophobic mask for well creation and a submersible hybridization cassette that allows temperature-controlled reactions without sample evaporation. Twenty four microarrays in a 3 x 8 pattern can be printed, reacted, scanned and quantified on a single glass substrate slide, offering highly affordable sample multiplexing for research and diagnostics.

Designed for up to 24 high or low biochemical reactions on a single microarray substrate or slide. The unit is air tight to prevent evaporation and water proof, therefore short and extended reactions can be run in a high or low temperature controlled water bath or oven. This 24 well submersible hybridization cassette fits one 24 well masked substrate for 24 separate microarray reactions using a single cassette. No cover slips required.

This submersible cassette is made from a durable, flat, precision-machined corrosion resistant alloy and high quality black rubber gasket to ensure proper alignment and no leaking from “well to well”.

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