T Cell Granule Release

Cytotoxic T cells contains number of cytoplasmic organnels,cells like golgi apparatus and micro tubule prganising center are common to all the cells,others like cytotoxic garnaules are formed cD8 T cells and natural killers
During interaction of Cytotoxic T cells with the targets these organnels will become redistributed win cytoplasm of the T cells,So that it can allow T cells to deliver effective function directly on the target cells.

Th LFA1 mediates the initial contact with the potential target cells and binding to it in ICAM-1.If the T cell receptor finds no specific antigen on target cell,then T cell is not activated abd T cells Dis engages itself
If T cell receptor finds the specific antigen on the target cell,it becomes activated.Changes occur is\n cytosol of T cells in which cytoplasmic organelles in the T cells moves to face the target cells.
This Reorganization directs both granules and new protein synthesis into interphase between T cells and target cells.
Cytokines like interleukin 2 and interferon γ released from golgi and directed towards the target cells.

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